Undergraduate Culture in MAE

Who are we?

In the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, we are breaking stereotypes, expectations, and boundaries to solve the world's biggest problems. 

We don’t just train engineers. We foster engineering leaders and entrepreneurs who will tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time - from engineering new and better manufacturing materials to developing sustainable and innovative solutions to climate change.


Michael Zakoworotny

I truly feel that I am part of a community here at Cornell. There is a great deal of collaboration and respect between students, both in class and through extracurricular projects.

— Michael Zakoworotny '21

Diversity and Inclusion in the Sibley School

In the Sibley School, we are dedicated to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for our students, faculty, and staff. In the College of Engineering and the Sibley School, we strive to live out Ezra Cornell’s vision of “any person, any study.”

As Dean Archer states, "we know that there is great strength in diversity and great reward in asking questions nobody has asked before. We honor our past and at the same time understand the need to do new things in new ways. Ezra Cornell wanted to break away from the educational norms of the past. In that same spirit, Cornell Engineering continues to break new ground in what we study and in how we study it."

Hear more about our community from those that know it best—our students, alumni, and faculty.

Sibley Student News

Marigot Fackenthal

The faculty and staff are single-handedly the reason why I love Cornell’s MAE department. They work so hard to make our learning experience interesting and worthwhile, which I think has made a big difference during the pandemic.

— Marigot Fackenthal