Giving Opportunities

Giving and Support


Private gifts are essential and help to endure the continued excellence, relevance, and impact of initiatives for MAE. To make a gift using the secure online gift form, please visit: Give to MAE Discretionary Fund or a check made payable to Cornell University may be mailed to: Cornell University, Box 37334, Boone, IA 50037-0334. Please be sure to indicate your intention to designate your gift to MAE. Corporate matching gifts count as a gift from you and are a powerful way to double your giving. If your company has a matching gift program, please contact your HR director. Cornell's financial advisors can assist you with a number of gift-giving tools designed to meet your family's financial and philanthropic goals, including securities, trusts, bequests, and real estate. Please visit the Office of Trusts, Estates, and Gift Planning website.

Digital Manufacturing Initiative  

3D printing is rapidly changing the manufacturing landscape and the Sibley School wants to make sure our students are well-positioned to be leaders in the area. Support for our rapid prototyping lab (RPL) including the purchase and maintenance of new manufacturing equipment and material can help us achieve this mission. Support the Digital Manufacturing Initiative.

Teaching Laboratory Fund

Undergraduate labs serve as the cornerstone of the Sibley School experiential education. Help support the undergraduate student labs by sponsoring a teaching laboratory specialist or renewal of experimental equipment. Support the Teaching Laboratory Fund.

Active and Engaged Learning

The Sibley School is initiating a new active learning program called “Mastering Fundamentals Through Projects and Inductive Reasoning”.  The goal of this effort is to transform the undergraduate curriculum by emphasizing project-based learning and inductive teaching in the service of fundamentals in our junior-level courses.  Support provides for teaching specialists and ensures all Sibley students have access to the program. Support Active and Engaged Learning.

Robotics - Form, Autonomy and Interaction

Robotics and Automation have long been a strength in MAE and across Cornell Engineering, particularly in the cross-fertilization between form, autonomy, and interaction. Our strength is also evident in the interdisciplinary research at the intersections of these themes. This year we will launch a new Robotics Ph.D. program and support for Ph.D. fellowships can fortify our stature in this area. Support Robotics.

Center for Vehicle Intelligence

In collaboration with Cornell Tech and several Italian universities and automotive companies, we will launch this year our new Center for Vehicle Intelligence. Help the Center grow into a world-class facility with support for research initiatives, industrial engagement, and student fellowships. Support the Center for Vehicle Intelligence.

Research Centers for Excellence

Contribute to the future of innovation of the Sibley School through the support of a Research Center of Excellence. The Center of Excellence program helps faculty and students engage with industry, government, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and other domestic and international communities around a specific topic of interest. Support Research Centers for Excellence.

Research Focused on Infectious Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance

The Sibley School collaborates across disciplines to change the future of healthcare in the areas of infectious disease and antibiotic resistance. Researchers are working in areas such as mobile-based methods for detecting deadly disease and early detection of Kaposi's sarcoma (KS), one of the most common cancers in sub-Saharan Africa. Support research focused on healthcare.

Student Projects

Provide support for undergraduate and M.Eng student projects in design, project teams, or research.  Support Student Projects.

Student Organizations such as ASME and AIAA

Provide support for outreach activities as well as travel to student conferences.  Support the Student Organizations such as ASME and AIAA.