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Active Learning Initiative Makes Big Impact on Transition to Online Instruction

By: Erin Philipson

In 2019, the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering embarked on a project to transform the way students learn in their junior year courses. The project, called Active Learning Initiative (ALI), is funded by Cornell’s Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and the Center for Teaching Innovation through grants, with the overall goal to facilitate the redesign of courses to implement research-based active learning strategies and create sustainable improvements to undergraduate education. Faculty in the Sibley School, including Hadas Ritz and Elizabeth Fisher, were... Read more

2020 Kessler Fellows

Five Sibley School students have been selected as 2020 Kessler Fellows

By: Casey Verderosa

Five Sibley School students have been selected as 2020 Kessler Fellows. The Kessler Fellows program is designed to help cultivate entrepreneurial readiness – preparing students to spend their summer with a startup. "I believe entrepreneurship is the vessel by which companies can affect massive change. For me, I would like to be in the forefront of the renewable energy shift in the automotive industry,” said Lineker Ono ME ‘20 Read more


Professor Mason Peck on Cosmos

By: Linda G. Glaser

Professor Mason Peck will be a science advisor on the new season of COSMOS, the show first introduced 40 years ago by Cornell astronomer Carl Sagan. The series started on 3/9 on National Geographic. Read more

carbon emissions

Scientists Explain Why Coronavirus Isn't Good for the Climate

By: Becky Ferreira

According to Professor Max Zhang from the Sibley School, during the COVID-19 pandemic carbon emission levels will stay the same if not slightly increase after. “We are basically using a lot of energy at home right now, much more than before, so really I’m seeing a shift from commercial to residential” emissions, said Professor Zhang. Read more

Student in research lab

Cornell Giving Day!

Today is Cornell Giving Day! In the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, we understand the enormous impact our alumni have on our programs, our students, our faculty and our future. We are a network, but more importantly, a community of engineers that are committed to innovation. Upson Hall is filled with students learning the tools to not only contribute to the world, but make a lasting change. Our students are busy learning the fundamentals, contributing to ground-breaking research, joining world renowned project teams, and completing internships at some of the most... Read more

Students at hackathon

Sibley Ph.D. and Group won Novelty Prize at Digital Ag Hackathon

By: Melanie Lefkowitz

Houston Claure, doctoral student, mechanical engineering; Apratim Jash, doctoral student, food engineering; Adam Kendrick, MBA ’20; Patrick Schulz, M.S. ’21, food engineering won the novelty prize at the digital ag hackathon for their project "Using waste byproducts from tequila production for a healthy probiotic drink." Read more

Students from MAE4120

Students from MAE4120: Community Wind Energy Research volunteered at the Sciencecenter

Volunteers from MAE4120 Community Wind Energy Research course spent Saturday afternoon ‘Winging It’ at Ithaca Sciencenter showing families how to make wind turbine blades and testing how many weights their blades could lift in the mini wind tunnel. "The students from both sides were brilliant – having fun while learning about the beauty and elegance of wind energy engineering," said Professor Barthelmie who leads the class. Read more