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Sibley sophomore Hannah Sherman wins Brooke Owens Fellowship

By: Chris Dawson

Sibley School sophomore Hannah Sherman, who was on the Integration and Test sub-team of the Cislunar Explorers CubeSat research team in Cornell’s Space Systems Design Studio and a structures and payloads member of the CUAir student project team, will receive an aerospace internship, senior mentorship, and access to a lifelong professional network that now numbers close to 300 former and current “Brookie” Fellows. Brooke Owens was a pilot and space policy expert who died in 2016 at the age of 35. The eponymous fellowship was started in 2017 to honor the good work done by Owens in her career at... Read more

Moridi receives Early Career Faculty Award from the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society

The award recognizes an assistant professor for accomplishments “that have advanced the academic institution where employed, and for abilities to broaden the technological profile of TMS.” Moridi, who has been on the faculty at Cornell since 2019, explores advanced materials and manufacturing methods. She exploits the intrinsic properties and flexibility of additive manufacturing to synthesize novel high-performance materials. She also studies processing, microstructure, and mechanical response of advanced materials using in-situ x-ray and electron microscopy techniques. Since coming to... Read more

Cornell leads NYS consortium for space tech development

Cornell is spearheading the New York Consortium for Space Technology Innovation and Development – a new initiative aimed at bolstering U.S. space technology research and manufacturing by uniting industry, academic and government partners. Read more

Savransky named to team guiding NASA’s Habitable Worlds Observatory

Sibley School Associate Professor Dmitry Savransky has joined the START team assembled by NASA to guide the development of the Habitable Worlds Observatory (HWO). According to NASA, the HWO is “a concept for a flagship mission…that would pursue a breadth of astrophysics goals, including searching for and characterizing potentially habitable planets beyond our solar system.” The Science, Technology, Architecture Review Team (START) will help formulate the mission’s fundamental science goals. START members are tasked with engaging with the broader science, technology, and engineering communities... Read more

Sibley School Ph.D. student wins Amelia Earhart Fellowship

Grace Genszler, a fourth-year Ph.D. student in aerospace engineering at Cornell, has been selected for a 2023 Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship. Genszler is one of 30 women across the world to receive one of the $10,000 awards in 2023 and will be presented with a set of wings from the Zonta International Foundation in the fall. At Cornell, Genszler works with Professor Dmitry Savransky in the Space Imaging and Optical Systems Laboratory. Her research is focused on mission design for direct imaging exoplanet missions with space-based telescope starshade observatories. In 2022... Read more