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Professor Lance Collins, Dean of the College of Engineering
242 Carpenter Hall | 607/255-9679

Professor Mark Campbell, S.C. Thomas Sze Director
139 Upson Hall | 607/255-4268

Professor Elizabeth Fisher, Associate Director for Undergraduate Affairs
315 Upson Hall | 607/255-8309

Associate Professor Christopher Hernandez, Associate Director for Graduate Affairs and DGS for Mechanical Engineering
355 Upson Hall | 607/255-4379

Professor Herbert Hui, DGS for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
322 Kimball Hall | 607/255-3718

Professor Mason Peck, DGS for Aerospace Engineering
455 Upson Hall | 607/255-4023

Professor Matt Ulinski, Master of Engineering Committee Director
443 Upson Hall | 607/255-6365

Colleen McClenahan, Director of Administration
133 Upson Hall | 607/255-5949

Virginia McAuley, Executive Assistant to the Director
130 Upson Hall | 607/255-3623

Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Cornell University
130 Upson Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853
Phone: 607/255-3623
Fax: 607/255-0813

For Undergraduate Studies inquiries contact ourĀ Undergraduate Program Office.

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