Sibley School Labs

The Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Instructional Lab Program keeps Cornell students at the cutting edge of experimental and experiential learning. The program consists of over fourteen courses and ten laboratories.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Lab (Spring) it also houses the lab portion of MAE 4780, Feedback Controls. Located in 102 Thurston Hall.

Bellis Lab is used for MAE 4272, Fundamental Laboratory in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer (Fall). It houses the wind tunnel and viscosity experiments for the fluids component of the courses. Instrumentation, visualization, and measurement are all elements taught in the lab. Located in 256 Upson Hall.

CAD/CAM Lab is the computational support and teaching lab for the Emerson Manufacturing Teaching Lab’s CAM program. Located in B38 Upson Hall.

Emerson Manufacturing Teaching Lab is a support lab for the MAE Program and the College of Engineering’s Student Project team program. The lab is equipped with standard milling machine and lathes, high-end CNC machines and a host of support equipment. MAE 2250, the department’s design course utilize the shop extensively in the spring for it fabrication projects. Located in B40 Upson Hall.

Groos Engineering Materials Lab is the solids mechanics curriculum laboratory.  Houses equipment for measuring and characterizing material properties of engineering materials. Located in 101 Thurston Hall.

Martin Lab supports MAE 3260, System Dynamics (Spring) and MAE 3780, Mechatronics (Fall).  It is equipped with equipped for performing electronic system analysis and prototyping. Located in 260 Upson Hall.

Ohart Heat Transfer Lab is used for MAE 4272, Fundamental Laboratory in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer (Fall). It houses the forced convection and flame temperature experiments. Instrumentation, techniques and analysis, and interpretation of results are all components of the lab instruction. The lab is also the storeroom for the programs vast array of measurement equipment. Located in 260 Upson Hall.

Rapid Prototyping Lab is a state of the art 3D printing lab. The lab is student run and contains a variety of 3D printers, laser cutter and CNC router table. The lab supports the department’s courses, the student project teams and other academic programs. Located in B22 Upson Hall.

Solids Support Lab for the department’s solids curriculum.  Contains testing and processing equipment for materials characterization. Located in 101A Thurston Hall.

The Swanson Lab for Advanced Simulation offers 16 workstations and 2 servers for performing engineering simulations and design using commercial software. The lab provides students with access to an extensive suite of software including ANSYS, Autodesk Inventor, CES, COMSOL, MATLAB and SOLIDWORKS. Located in 240 Upson Hall.

Taylor Design Studio is a large open space area fitted with workbenches for meetings, fabrication and design work.  The lab is also equipped with desktop computers loaded with design software and has an adjacent workshop and storage area. The labs supports an introductory engineering (Fall) and design (Spring) course.  The lab is also used for project work associated with other courses that require a large fabrication space.  It is a place where design and innovation are integrated with physical devices, the design process, and team-based work environments. Located in 242 Upson Hall.