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  • HI-Light Technology Undergraduate

    Upson Hall

    Undergraduate research opportunity in the Erickson Lab

    The Erickson Lab (http://www.ericksonlab.org/) seeks an undergraduate student at Cornell with an interest in reactor engineering and/or photocatalysis. The available position will focus on the HI-Light project, a solar-thermal chemical reactor technology for converting CO2; to fuels like syngas or methanol. Preferences will be given to candidates in the junior/senior level, with background in Mechanical Engineering , Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Applied Physics, Chemistry and relevant disciplines. A lot of hands-on experience will be required. The successful candidate will be working with Elvis Cao, a Ph.D. student in the Erickson lab.

    Interested candidates should send a CV, a brief statement outlining their qualifications for the position to xc295@cornell.edu. Included the words “HI-Light Technology Undergraduate” in the subject of your email. The position is available immediately and requires a minimum of three-month commitment.

    About HI-Light: HI-Light is a solar-thermal chemical reactor technology for converting CO2 to fuels like syngas or methanol. The technology seeks to achieve a kind of artificial photosynthesis - combining sunlight, CO2 and chemicals to photocatalytically produce renewable fuels.

    About the Erickson Lab: We are a group of multidisciplinary Ph.D., Post-doctoral, and other researchers with expertise spanning Mechanical, Biomedical, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics. We have broad expertise in nanotechnology, microfluidics, photonics, and biomedical diagnostics

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