Ching Pang, ME '21

Ching Pang

Ching Pang ’21, currently a Junior in the Sibley School, grew up wanting to do hands-on work and became interested in biomedical devices during her time volunteering in an ambulance corps in High School. When she first arrived at Cornell, biomedical engineering was her intended major until realizing that mechanical engineering would be a better fit. After taking a biomedical engineering intro course and speaking with upperclassman, Pang realized that mechanical engineering would offer more flexibility in terms of the specific type of work she wanted to do in the future.

Pang was drawn to MAE by the diverse student body and opportunities available to students. “I think Sibley allows us to explore different interests in mechanical engineering through its class structure, especially in junior fall. I was taking three major classes that are most representative of my future career - such as materials, mechatronics, and fluids,” said Ching. When asked who has made the biggest impact on her time at Cornell, Ching mentioned upperclassman she has met through AguaClara, a project team at Cornell. “I really like the culture of peer to peer mentorship at Sibley. Since upperclassmen all took the classes we are taking right now, they are familiar with the coursework and structure. When I am struggling with balancing my course load and choosing which electives to take, I just go to them and they are always willing to answer my questions and are very helpful.”

In addition to learning technical skills such as machining and prototyping - Pang also learned valuable soft skills that will be applicable in her future career. “I think the most valuable takeaway is the problem-solving skills and teamwork, and how to break down big pictures and tackle the problems one by one with people we work with.” Ching Pang will be spending next summer at P&G as a product supply intern in Engineering/Manufacturing.

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