Minor in Applied Mathematics Information

Offered jointly by:  Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Department of Mathematics

Contact: Professor Richard Rand, 535 Malott Hall, 255-7145, rhr2@cornell.edu or MAE Undergraduate Office, 125 Upson, mae_undergrad@cornell.edu.

Eligibility:  Engineering undergraduates affiliated with all Engineering Majors are eligible to participate in the Applied Mathematics minor. Pre-approval of minor plan is required.


Educational Objectives: This minor is aimed at providing a focus for students who are interested in applied mathematics.


Requirements: To complete the minor, students must take MATH 2930, MATH 2940, and at least six (6) courses beyond MATH 2940, to be chosen as follows:

a) At most one course may be chosen from each of groups 1 – 4 (see sample program below)

b) At least three courses must be chosen from groups 5 and 6.

c) At most one 2000-level course may be chosen.

d) At most one course may be chosen that is offered by the student’s Major department.

**Note: Students will not receive credit for MATH 4200 (Group 1) and MAE 5790/MATH 4210 (Group 6) if both are taken.


Academic Standards: A grade of C or better in each course.



MAE 3100 (Group 1)              MAE 4730/5730 (Group 5) 

ENGRD 3200 (Group 2)        MAE 6810 (Group 5)

ENGRD 2700 (Group 3)       MATH 3320 (Group 6)






Group 1: Analysis:

MATH 3230: Introduction to Differential Equations

MATH 4200: Diff. Equations and Dynamical Systems**


Group 2: Computational Methods:

CS 4210: Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations

ENGRD 3200: Engineering Computation

ORIE 3300: Optimization I


Group 3: Probability and Statistics:

CEE 3040: Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering

ECE 3100: Introduction to Probability and Inference for Random Signals and Systems

ENGRD 2700: Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics

MATH 4710: Basic Probability

ORIE 3500: Engineering Probability and Statistics II


Group 4: Applications:

AEP 3330: Mechanics of Particles and Solid Bodies

CEE 3310: Fluid Mechanics

CEE 3710: Structural Modeling and Behavior

CHEME 3230: Fluid Mechanics

CS 2800: Discrete Structures

CS 2850: Networks

ECE 4250: Digital Signal and Image Processing

MAE 3230: Introductory Fluid Mechanics

MSE 3030: Thermodynamics of Condensed Systems

MATH 3610: Mathematical Modeling


Group 5: Advanced Courses:

Only one of the following may be chosen:

MATH 4220: Applied Complex Analysis

MAE 6750: Nonlinear Vibrations



Only one of the following may be chosen:

ECE 4110: Random Signals in Communications and Signal Processing

ORIE 3510: Intro. to Engineering Stochastic Processes I


Also, you may choose from:

CS 4810: Introduction to Theory of Computing

CS 4220: Numerical Analysis: Linear and Nonlinear Problems

CS 4820: Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms

ORIE 3310: Optimization II

ORIE 4330: Discrete Models

ORIE 4350: Introduction to Game Theory

ORIE 5600: Financial Engineering with Stochastic Calculus I

ORIE 5610: Financial Engineering with Stochastic Calculus II

MAE 4730/5730: Intermediate Dynamics and Vibrations

MAE 5790/MATH 4210: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos**

MAE 6700: Advanced Dynamics

MAE 6810: Methods of Applied Mathematics I


Group 6: Mathematics Courses:

Any 3000+ level course offered by the Mathematics Department in algebra, analysis, probability/statistics, geometry, or logic, with the following exceptions:

(I) MATH 3230 or MATH 4200, if any course from group 1 is chosen.

(ii) MATH 4710, if any course from group 3 is chosen.

(iii) MATH 4220, if AEP 4220 is chosen from group 5.

(iv) Only one of the following may be chosen:

       MATH 3320: Introduction to Number Theory

       MATH 3360: Applicable Algebra