In addition to the mechanical engineering Major program, the Sibley school offers four engineering minors to supplement the regular bachelor’s degree majors in the college.

Aerospace Engineering Minor Application Form
The Aerospace Engineering Minor develops the engineering-analysis and design skills necessary for creating and understanding aerospace vehicles and their subsystems. The Minor includes diverse topics relevant to applications both in the Earth’s atmosphere (e.g., aerodynamics) and in space (e.g., spacecraft thermal systems or orbital mechanics). Students in this Minor will take at least four core aerospace courses, along with up to two supporting courses in engineering fundamentals or courses with applicability to aeronautics and spacecraft.

Mechanical Engineering Minor Application Form
The primary educational objective of this minor, offered by the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is to provide students from outside MAE the necessary skills and tools to interact technically with mechanical engineers on various multidisciplinary fronts. This minor has the appearance of being very broad since it encompasses nearly all of the MAE upper division courses. However, the prerequisites of the upper-division courses will dictate, to a large extent, that a student concentrate in a sub-area of mechanical engineering. Many upper-level MAE courses have multiple prerequisites. A recommended strategy for designing a minor is to select a few upper-level courses of interest and work backward from them to determine what courses will be needed as prerequisites. Students in all Majors except Mechanical Engineering may participate in this minor.

Applied Mathematics Minor Application Form
Offered jointly with the Department of Mathematics, this minor is aimed at providing a focus for students who are interested in applied mathematics. Engineering undergraduates affiliated with all Engineering Majors are eligible to participate in the Applied Mathematics minor.

Robotics Minor Application Form
The robotics minor covers the fundamentals of designing, building and programming robots, and in addition requires students to dive deeper in a specific area of robotics.