Senior Design Requirements

The senior design requirement must be fulfilled during the senior year in one of three ways:

  • Through enrollment in a formal 4-credit course from the list of "design courses".
  • Through participation on a student project team, taken as MAE 4291, for at least 3 credits.
  • Through an individual project with a faculty member, taken as MAE 4291, for at least 3 credits.

Note: Students may not use a senior design course to also fulfill one of the major-approved electives course requirements.

Consult the forms page for related senior design forms. 

Submitting your senior design report and paperwork

  • Senior Design Report - Turn in to design instructor.
  • Complete Senior Design and Executive Summary report - this includes your Senior Design Report and Reflection Questions.
  • Upload the Senior Design and Executive Summary Report using this online form.

Unless otherwise indicated by your design instructor, papers and accompanying paperwork is due by mid-December (Fall) or mid-May (Spring).

Senior Design Elective Designated Courses

MAE courses ending in "1" are designated as fulfilling the senior design requirement. Any of the following 4-credit courses may be used to fulfill the senior design requirement.

  • MAE 4021: Wind Power
  • MAE 4121: Community Wind Energy Research
  • MAE 4131: Mechanics of Composite Structures
  • MAE 4161: Spacecraft Technology and Systems Architecture
  • MAE 4221: Introduction to Internet of Things--Technology and Engagement
  • MAE 4231: Intermediate Fluid Dynamics
  • MAE 4291: Supervised Senior Design Experience, 3 credits minimum
  • MAE 4341: Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing
  • MAE 4351 Interdisciplinary Design Concepts (M.E. students may not count both MAE 4351 and MAE 4341 toward B.S. degree requirements)
  • MAE 4441: Spacecraft Thermal Management
  • MAE 4631: Advanced Product Design
  • MAE 4641: Orthopaedic Tissue Mechanics 
  • MAE 4651: Biofluid Mechanics
  • MAE 4671: Polymer Mechanics
  • MAE 4721: Advanced Applications of Finite Element Analysis Using ANSYS
  • MAE 4861: Automotive Engineering