Senior Design Requirements

The senior design requirement must be fulfilled during the senior year in one of three ways:

  • Through enrollment in a formal 4-credit course from the list of "design courses".
  • Through participation on a student project team, taken as MAE 4291, for at least 3 credits.
  • Through an individual project with a faculty member, taken as MAE 4291, for at least 3 credits.

Note: Students may not use a senior design course to also fulfill one of the major approved electives course requirements.

Consult the forms page for related senior design forms. 

Submitting your senior design report and paperwork

  • Senior Design Report - Turn in to design instructor.
  • Written responses to the questions on the Senior Design Report Content Summary Form - Attach to the Content Summary Form and submit to design instructor for signature.
  • The signed Senior Design Content Summary Form, along with the attached responses to the questions, must be turned in to 125 Upson. Your design instructor will maintain possession of your design report.

Unless otherwise indicated by your design instructor, papers and accompanying paperwork is due by mid-December (Fall) or mid-May (Spring).

Senior Design Elective Designated Courses

MAE courses ending in "1" are designated as fulfilling the senior design requirement. Any of the following 4-credit courses may be used to fulfill the senior design requirement.

  • MAE 4021: Wind Power
  • MAE 4121: Community Wind Energy Research
  • MAE 4131: Mechanics of Composite Structures
  • MAE 4161: Spacecraft Technology and Systems Architecture
  • MAE 4231: Intermediate Fluid Dynamics
  • MAE 4291: Supervised Senior Design Experience, 3 credits minimum
  • MAE 4341: Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing
  • MAE 4351 Interdisciplinary Design Concepts (M.E. students may not count both MAE 4351 and MAE 4340/4341 toward B.S. degree requirements)
  • MAE 4641: Orthopaedic Tissue Mechanics (next offered TBA)
  • MAE 4651: Biofluid Mechanics
  • MAE 4701: Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical and Aerospace Design
  • MAE 4861: Automotive Engineering