Students generally apply for affiliation with a  Major during their sophomore year, although earlier affiliation may be granted at the discretion of the Major. To apply for affiliation, students should contact the undergraduate office of their choice and complete an Application for Major Affiliation.

Affiliation with Mechanical Engineering

Getting More Info

Unaffiliated students intending to affiliate with MechE may contact to request access to the MechE UG Program Ed Discussion forum and/or may subscribe to the MechE Blog.

How to Apply for Affiliation 

The affiliation application form is now available online, and can also be found on the Engineering Registrar website. This is the only form required. 

If applying despite not meeting the requirements below, a plan for how and over what time period you will remediate your application (i.e., take or re-take classes, demonstrate stronger GPA moving forward) should be emailed to the MAE Undergraduate Office for affiliation consideration.

Any relevant AP credits and transferred credits must appear in Student Center for us to be able to review your affiliation form properly. 

Affiliation Requirements

The following list of courses should be completed by the end of your sophomore year: First-Year Writing (2 semesters), Engri 1xxx.

  • First-Year Writing (2 semesters)
  • Engri 1xxx

The following list of courses should be completed with a C- grade or higher by the end of the first semester of your sophomore year. 

  • CS 1xxx (Matlab recommended)
  • Engrd 2020
  • Math 1910
  • Math 1920
  • Math 2930
  • Chem 2090
  • Phys 1112
  • Phys 2213

The following courses are strongly recommended but not required before affiliation:

  • Engrd 2210
  • Phys Ed (2 semesters plus swim test)

Your GPA in the following set of classes will be computed, and that GPA must exceed 2.5 to meet the affiliation requirement.

  • ENGRD 2210 (if taken)
  • Math 2930
  • Physics 2213
  • ENGRD 2020