Robotics Focus

In MAE’s M.Eng. program, we create programs that fit your needs. Every student has a program that is crafted around their own individual goals.  

MAE’s Robotics focus consists of coursework in controls, dynamics and structures, state-of-the-art human-robot interaction, microcontrollers, and any variety of subtopics to get you started in your career. Robotics at Cornell lives at the intersection of mechanical, electrical, and computer science. Problems being solved involve space travel, building design, human-robot interaction, and controls. Projects in robotics integrate all these disciplines.

An M.Eng. in Robotics prepares you for entry into this challenging and fast-growing field. Students in our program go on to build space mining robots at Honeybee Robotics, autonomous security robots at Knightscope, autonomous drones for industry at ExynAero, surgical robots at Stryker, and smart living spaces at Ori Living. 

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There are no required courses in the M.Eng. Program. Each student develops a Program of Study with the Director that fits their individual needs. The courses listed below are ones that provide knowledge and practice for those wishing to pursue careers in robotics.

A Sample Curriculum

There is no required program of courses, this is just a possible model


MAE 5730 Intermediate Dynamics (3 cr)

MAE 5780 Feedback Control Systems (3 cr)

DEA 6210 Architectural Robotics (3 cr)

NBA 5150 Leadership Theory and Practice (3 cr)

MAE 6900 MEng Project (3 cr)


MAE 5180 Autonomous Mobile Robots (4 cr)

MAE 6710 Human-Robot Interaction (3 cr)

MAE 6780 Multivariable Control Theory (4 cr)

MAE 7999 Mechanical Engineering Colloquium (1 cr)

MAE 6900 MEng Project (3 cr) 

A Sample of Other Possible Courses

There are hundreds of courses to choose from, this is just a short list to give you an idea of what is available.  The courses you take will be based on your specific goals.

Robotic Manipulation, Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems, Finite Element Analysis, Integrated Micro Sensors an Actuators: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds, Vibrations, Robot Learning, Spacecraft Technology and Systems Architecture, Intro to Robotic Mobile Manipulation, Introduction to Computer Vision, and Computer Vision

Past Projects

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  • Design a Conversation Companion Robot-Kip
  • Blossom
  • Robotic Arm Redesign
  • Comprehend Robotic Environment
  • Bat Robot
  • Robotic Third Arm
  • Creativity Robotics Project
  • CCAT Wall Climbing Robot
  • Human Robot Collaborative Design Tangible User Interface
  • Hardware accelerated Mobile Robot
  • Design of a Mobile Robot
  • Vectorized Thrust Modules for Underwater Robotics
  • An Under-actuated Robotic Gripper with Distal Axis Freedom
  • Design of Innovative Modular Robotics Platform


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Jobs titles include, Project Engineer, Motion Planning Engineer, Founder, Engineer, Controls Engineer, R&D Engineer (Robotics), Applications Engineer, Robotics Software Engineer, Systems, Mechanical Engineer, Deployment Engineer, Space Robotics Mechanical Design Engineer, Robotics Research Engineer, Project Engineer/Product Designer, Hardware Engineer

Companies past students have gone to work in robotics include: 

  • Otherlab
  • Heraeus Electro-Nite
  • ULC Robotics
  • Honeybee Robotics
  • Absolute Robot, Inc
  • Axis New England
  • Ori Living Inc.
  • Stocked Robotics
  • Knightscope, Inc.
  • CACI
  • Fanuc America
  • Nimble Robotics
  • Organic Robotics Corporation
  • Exyn Technologies
  • Auris
  • Bumblebee Spaces
  • Turbofil