Biomechanics Focus

MAE M.Eng. students in the biomechanics focus look at mechanical forces in living beings. Students come into biomechanics from either biology (with foundation knowledge in mechanical engineering) or mechanical Engineering. Engineering applications of biomechanics are: orthotics, prosthetics, human computer interfaces, robotics, wearables, implants and medical devices. Engineers in biomechanics interact with doctors, surgeons, veterinarians, device makers – many go on to create their own companies.

A biomechanics focus can focus on bones, tissue, blood – and be incorporated in design, simulation, analysis, robotics and engineered materials. There are opportunities for students in all these areas at the Sibley school.

Marysol Luna in the lab



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There are no required courses in the M.Eng. Program. Each student develops a Program of Study with the Director that fits their individual needs. The courses listed below are ones that provide knowledge and practice for those wishing to pursue careers in simulation or analysis.

A Sample Curriculum

There is no required program of courses, this is just a possible model


MAE 5700 Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical and Aerospace Design (4 cr.)

MAE 5430 Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing (3 cr.)

BME 5500 Innovation and Design of Biomedical Technologies (3 cr.)

DEA 6510 Ergonomics and Anthropometrics (4 cr.)

MAE 6900 MEng Project (3 cr.)


MAE 5135 Mechanics of Composite Structures (3 cr.)

MAE 5640 Orthopaedic Tissue Mechanics (3 cr.)

NBA 5070 Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers (3 cr.)

MAE 5210 Dimensional Tolerancing in Mechanical Design (1 cr.)

MAE 5260 Design for Manufacture and Assembly (1 cr.)

MAE 6900 MEng Project (3 cr.)

A Sample of Other Possible Courses

There are hundreds of courses to choose from, this is just a short list to give you an idea of what is available.  The courses you take will be based on your specific goals.

Biophysical Methods, Practice in Tissue Engineering, Stem Cell Bioengineering, Principles of MRI, Biomedical Engineering Seminar, Statistical Methods, Principles of MRI, Biofluid Mechanics, Soft Tissue Biomechanics, Biomedical Tech Point of Care Diagnostics, Immuno-engineering, Soft Tissue Biomechanics, Cancer for Engineers & Physicists, Biofluid Mechanical/Physiological Transport, Principles of Infectious Disease & Public Health


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Faculty teaching in the biomechanics areas:

Nelly Andarawis Puri

Nelly Andarawis-Puri

Associate professor

Andarawis-Puri Lab

Lawrence Bonassar

Lawrence Bonassar

Daljit S. and Elaine Sarkaria Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Nikolaos Bouklas

Nikolaos Bouklas

Assistant Professor

Bouklas Lab Website

Marjolein van der Meulen

Marjolein van der Meulen

Swanson Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Jane Wang

Jane Wang


 Jingjie Yeo

Jingjie Yeo

Assistant professor

Jingjie Yeo's research website

Past Projects

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  • Adaptive Orthopedic Back Brace
  • Brain Lander
  • Design of a novel surgical screw
  • Low Density Microstructures with enhanced fatigue life
  • Equine Herpes Virus Assay
  • In-Culture Imaging System


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Companies past students have gone to work for include: 

  • Depuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson
  • Lexington medical
  • IQ Motion Control
  • Intuitive
  • Atrium Health
  • Stryker
  • Abbott
  • Global Prior Art
  • Key Tech
  • Miya Health
  • Smith & Nephew 
  • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • MIDI Product Development
  • Neuralink
  • Hyperfine-Research Inc.