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The Master of Engineering (MEng or M.Eng.) Program at the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is one of the top professional engineering programs in the country.  Students in the program come from a wide range of competitive institutions, all with the same goal – to build skills that will allow them to start careers at a more advanced skill and responsibility level.


What is the Master of Engineering Degree?

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The M.Eng. degree program is a one-year professional program that provides an opportunity for students to focus or broaden engineering skills. The program is for students who wish to further their studies and upgrade their skills with the intent of going into industry. It is an applied program, with coursework and projects designed to increase problem-solving skills. Students in the program are continuing undergraduates and those coming back to school after working for several years. 

The M.Eng. program differs from a Master of Science (MS) in the expected outcome. M.Eng. students go into industry, while M.S. students focus on research and pursue academic or research careers after graduation.

M.Eng. at Cornell’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Our M.Eng. program is typically two semesters in length. Interdisciplinary in nature, the M.Eng. at the Sibley School allows flexibility for students to create a program that fits individual needs and interests. Each program is tailored to the student’s goals. A program consists of technical, professional development and engineering ‘tool’ courses. A project is required and provides experience in applying technical, team and management skills to a current real-world engineering problem.

The Sibley School offers degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Concentration areas are in biomechanics, design, energy, engineered materials, robotics, simulation/analysis and spacecraft engineering. Individual programs are typically built around these concentration areas.

Corporate Interactions with Sibley School M.Eng. students

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Strong industry connections are critical to the success of the School’s M.Eng. program. The program seeks to create relationships with companies that will provide jobs to our well-trained students. In maintaining strong connections with companies, we can ensure our students will meet your needs now and in the future. Areas that the program seeks to provide industry interactions are programming and classroom teaching, recruiting and networking, and project work.

Programming and Teaching

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We encourage companies to work with us to create content and participate in our courses and extra-curricular offerings. This engagement allows our program to keep up our material up-to-date and see how industry solves problems in real time. We recognize that understanding the workplace is critical to ensure students are ready to launch their careers. Collaborating with industry allows this to happen.  

From guest lectures to direct course or course-competition sponsorship, companies are finding that engaging with our students during their studies leads to increased interest and more successful recruiting. Guest lectures by those in industry are some of the most popular parts of our courses. Specialists in design, rotorcraft and motor control have lectured in our design, aero and mechatronics courses. Companies have also sponsored courses to help defray the costs of our more innovative instruction. Companies have funded teaching aids, lecture kits and competitions; those who have been doing this for several years have become familiar names to our students – leading to increased recruitment.

Opportunities: give focused lectures on course topics or industry problems in related areas or ways of solving problems: methods and tools. Sponsor a course or competition. Interested in signing up for this opportunity. 

Contact Matt Ulinski,

Recruiting and Networking

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Recruiting top students is critical to your success. M.Eng. students in the Sibley School (Rankings: Mechanical = #8, Aerospace = #12) are among the best in the world. Our students are taught by outstanding faculty, have access to amazing facilities and build programs around advanced coursework and professional development. The result: they come to work ready to face deeper intellectual challenges with the skills to take on more responsibility and leadership.

Our goal is to place our students in the careers they want. Working with our program leaders and faculty, we can create a direct pipeline for companies to recruit students who and trained in your area and want to work for you. By meeting our students through courses, projects or other networking events, you can circumvent the whole career fair, resume slogging, hit or miss process – and hire directly out of our program.  

Networking and Recruiting: we have found that our students engaging with a working professionals, alumni and business leaders makes our program stronger, better and more competitive. We work hard to maintain strong ties to alum and have them engage with our students. Expanding this to working professionals in companies out student will work for is another way to build on this. 


  • seminars
  • networking events
  • creating a list of current employees (esp. alums) that can connect with students one on one
  • meet with faculty to discuss course content
  • provide real world examples as problems for courses
  • presentations
  • seminars

Interested in signing up for these opportunities? 

Contact Matt Ulinski,

Project Work

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Companies wanting to build the best vertical relationship – with connection to our students and our faculty - find that sponsoring projects can be very successful. Project sponsorship allows companies to engage with our students in a longer-term process, often leading to a direct hire. Project sponsorship also provides an opportunity for companies to help us learn more about what is important to them, allowing us to better advise students on programs of courses and to make adjustment in our curriculum. Project sponsorship also provides an opportunity for a company to work with various faculty, potentially as a precursor to direct research involvement. And are students often come up with get solutions to the problems posed to them.


  • Companies wishing to sponsor a project in the course will need to propose a project
  • work with the program to develop a problem statement and marketing pitch for the students
  • provide a mentor for the project and commit $15,000 to cover project and program costs 

Getting a project ready for the academic year usually takes 3-6 months. Additional information can be provided as requested.

Interested in signing up for project sponsorship or any of the other engagement possibilities. 

Contact Matt Ulinski,