Professors Thomas Avedisian and Sanjeev Chandra receive the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' "Classic Paper Award"

The Heat Transfer Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has announced the selection of a paper co-authored by Professor Thomas Avedisian and his former student Professor Sanjeev Chandra (Ph.D '90) of the University of Toronto for the 2019 ASME Classic Paper Award. This award recognizes a paper that has high impact and enduring value long after its publication in any archival journal and on any topic of the thermal sciences. Only papers in print for at least fifteen years are eligible for consideration. An award is made only when suitable nominations arise. The paper honored, entitled "On the Collision of a Droplet with a Solid Surface", was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, A432, pp. 13-41 in 1991. It addresses the "classic" problem of collision and splash dynamics of liquid droplets onto surfaces which has wide application to industrial processes.  The award was presented to the authors at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 12, 2019.  

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