Sadaf Sobhani

Sadaf Sobhani

Visiting Assistant Professor
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Selected Publications

Sobhani, S., Mohaddes, D., Boigne, E., Muhunthan, P., Ihme, M., Modulation of heat transfer for extended flame stabilization in porous media burners via topology gradation, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, In Press.

Boigne, E., Muhunthan, P., Mohaddes, D., Wang, Q., Sobhani, S., Hinshaw, W., Ihme, M., X-ray computed tomography for flame-structure analysis of laminar premixed flames, Combustion and Flame, In Press.

Dunnmon, J., Sobhani, S., Kim, T. W., Kovscek, A., Ihme, M., An investigation of internal flame structure in porous media combustion via X-ray Computed Tomography, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (3), 4399-4408, 2017.

Dunnmon, J., Sobhani, S., Wu, M., Fahrig, R., Ihme, M., Characterization of scalar mixing in dense gaseous jets using X-ray computed tomography, Experiments in Fluids 56 (10), 193, 2015.


B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Stanford University, 2014.

M.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Stanford University, 2015.

Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), Stanford University, 2019.