Rebecca J. Barthelmie

Rebecca J. Barthelmie

Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Upson Hall, Room 252


Professor Barthelmie joined Cornell University in 2014 as a Croll Faculty Fellow. She is author of over 125 journal papers, 400 conference papers and reports and is co-chief editor of the journal Wind Energy. Professor Barthelmie received the 2009 scientific award from the European Wind Energy Academy for 'her extraordinary efforts and achievements in the field of wind energy research'. She currently leads research projects funded by the Department of Energy and National Science Foundation.

Research Interests

Professor Barthelmie's research is focused on wind energy resources and wind turbine wakes within and downwind of large wind farms both on- and offshore. In Denmark, she ran the offshore wind energy network and she was involved in the development of many offshore wind farms. In the US, her focus has been wind energy resources and impacts of wakes and their interaction with the boundary-layer within large wind farms both offshore and in complex terrain. Her research involves measurements, particularly the application of remote sensing including lidar, modeling and data analysis of large wind farm data sets.

Selected Publications

  • Doubrawa, P., R. Barthelmie, H. Wang, S. Pryor, M Churchfield. 2016."Wind Turbine Wake Characterization from Temporally Disjunct 3-D Measurements."Remote Sensing8(11): 939-939.
  • Sovacool, B K., P. Enevoldsen, C. Koch, R J Barthelmie. 2016."Cost performance and risk in the construction of offshore and onshore wind farms."Wind Energy.
  • Doubrawa, P., R J. Barthelmie, H. Wang, M J Churchfield. 2016."A stochastic wind turbine wake model based on new metrics for wake characterization."Wind Energy.
  • Wang, H., R J. Barthelmie, P. Doubrawa, S C Pryor. 2016."Errors in radial velocity variance from Doppler wind lidar."Atmospheric Measurement Techniques9(8): 4123-4139.
  • Barthelmie, Rebecca, P. Wang Doubrawa, Giroux H., Pryor G., S. C. . 2016."Effects of an escarpment on flow parameters of relevance to wind turbines."Wind Energy(19): 2271-2286.

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Selected Awards and Honors

  • Affiliate Professor, Danish Technical University Wind Energy Department2016
  • Nominated for the NSF Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics & Engineering Mentoring2016
  • Invited speaker European Academy of Wind Energy Ph.D. Seminar Copenhagen2016
  • Invited Speaker(WindTech 2015, Western University, Ontario)2015
  • Invited Opening Keynote Speaker Offshore Energy and Storage Symposium, Edinburgh, UK2015


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