Plenary talk given by Professor Dmitry Savransky

observation solar sky

Plenary talk given by Professor Dmitry Savransky at the Center for Adaptive Optics (CfAO) Fall Science Retreat 2018.

"Getting the Most Out of Your Hardware: Exploring novel algorithms for optical system control and data processing"

Abstract: Just as optical hardware systems continue to benefit uniformly from advances across various disciplines and technology areas, it is frequently worthwhile to explore the space of existing algorithms and mathematical formalisms for potential applications to wavefront sensing and control. Here, I will discuss two such recent efforts. The first involves the exploration of Blind Source Separation (BSS) algorithms for weak signal detection, and is motivated by the success of principal component analysis (PCA) methods in astronomical imaging. PCA is just one method of BSS, which also includes such methods as common spatial pattern filtering and independent component analysis, which can be applied to many of the same classes of problems. Next, I will talk about the application of optimal estimation theory, and in particular dynamic state estimation, to wavefront control and focal-plane wavefront sensing. These methods, widely used in various engineering disciplines, can be combined with various well-known wavefront estimation techniques to produce dramatic improvements in performance. I will present several examples of current development, and discuss prospects for future work.


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