MAE’s Xiangkun (Elvis) Cao Named “INK Fellow” Spoke at INK Conference 2019

Elvis Cao

Xiangkun (Elvis) Cao, Ph.D. candidate of the Erickson Group in the Sibley School, was named an INK Fellow and spoke at the INK Conference 2019 in Jaisalmer, India, Nov. 14-17.

Elvis, who landed on three 30 Under 30 lists including Forbes’ and was featured by UNEP and BP plc earlier this year, presented his talk, “we should all reimagine waste CO2 as a resource, as an opportunity, rather than a liability,” at the conference.

Elvis joined the 2019 cohort of 21 INK Fellows selected from around the world by the Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation. The INK Fellows Program brings together a young, global and cross-disciplinary community of path-breakers who will be the shapers of tomorrow. Every year, INK identifies the minds that are redefining their field of work, and the world around them. The Program aims to provide them the support necessary to leverage their impact. The INK Fellows Program is an initiative of the Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Ixoraa Media Private Limited. Tata Trusts is a key partner of Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation in supporting the INK Fellows Program.

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