Cornell Engineering Student Project Team Competitions Update.

Thank you for your support!

At the end of last week 100+ students took to the road and have returned with various successes! 

AguaClara impressed at the EPA forum in Washington, DC, this past weekend.

Concrete Canoe paddled their way to 3rd place overall at SUNY Buffalo.

Steel Bridge won 1st place in poster/bridge display and in oral presentation at SUNY Buffalo.

Design, Build, Fly (Ruina) completed all 3 missions, taking 8th place overall at the Wichita, KS, competition.

Baja (Desjardins) conquered Tennessee Tech, receiving 2nd place overall and 1st place in suspension.

Rocketry (Selva) is the newly crowned centennial challenge and NASA Student Launch 2016 champions.


ACM programming won Greater NY regional and will attend Worlds in Thailand this summer. 

CUGEM was awarded three international bests at the iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston.

ChemE Car won the international AICHE Car-off in Salt Lake City.

EERI Seismic Design survived 3 ground motions for 3rd place overall in San Fransisco.

8 more competitions and an AFRL review for Violet.

Go Big Red Teams!

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