Invitation to Focus Group on Online Learning


Mechanical Engineering undergraduate majors in the classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022:  MAE wants to learn about your online learning experience!  While we all hope to have in-person instruction this fall, we also need to be prepared for possible online or mixed-mode teaching.  We are planning to conduct a zoom focus group during the week of June 8.  We would like to get your input on what has worked well and what has worked poorly for you in your online studies, in order to provide recommendations to the faculty.  We plan to talk about different aspects of the courses you took, as well as the operation of the undergrad office.   Prof. Elizabeth Fisher (emf4) will run the focus group and will ensure that your comments are anonymized before they are relayed to other faculty.   We’d be particularly interested in hearing from people who are currently taking online STEM courses, either at Cornell or elsewhere.

The focus group is tentatively scheduled for 2-3 PM on Monday 6/8 or Tuesday 6/9, or 1-2 PM on Wednesday 6/10.  Please click here to sign up and to indicate which times are possible for you.

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