Dmitry Savransky Promoted to Associate Professor

Dmitry Savransky

Dmitry Savransky will be promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure, effective July 1st, 2021.

Since joining Cornell, Savransky has made significant contributions to the development of simulation, analysis, and prediction tools to enable high yield remote sensing from the ground and space - uniquely synthesizing applied physics, estimation, control and computational data analysis techniques for space missions. One of Savransky's more broadly recognized contributions is the development of EXOSIMS, a software framework for the analysis of exoplanet imaging space missions. Savransky seamlessly bridges Engineering and Astronomy having partnered on several high-profile missions including Gemini-Planet Imager (G-PI) and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope.

Savransky returned to the Sibley School in January 2014, where he earned both his BS and M.Eng, after studies at Berkeley, LLNL, and obtaining his Ph.D. at Princeton.  Of his many achievements since arriving, he was recently awarded the NASA Early Career Award and NASA group achievement award as part of the exoplanet standard definition and evaluation team.  Since the beginning of 2021, Savransky has also served the department as DGS of TAM.

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