Commencement Prize Winners

Commencement caps

The Sibley School is proud to announce the student commencement prize winners for 2020!

Walter Werring Excellence in Engineering Studies Prize

Awardee: Madeline Dubelier

This award recognizes talented and dedicated Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering B.S., M.E. graduating students, who have enhanced the Cornell Community by excelling in a manner befitting the reputation of the Sibley School.

McManus Design Award

Awardees: Francesco DiMare for the project "Cornell Baja Suspension Geometry" & Wei-Ling Sun for the project "Cornell Baja OD16 Four-Wheel Steering."

This award recognizes the best original solution to a design problem or project and is awarded to either undergraduate or graduate students.

Thomas J. and Joan T. Kelly Prize

Awardee: Stewart Aslan for his project "Pathfinder for Autonomous Navigation: A Low-Cost Architecture for Autonomous CubeSat Rendezvous and Docking."

This award recognizes excellence in aerospace engineering, as demonstrated through coursework or an innovative design project. The awardee must show tangible evidence of being a well-rounded person with an outstanding non-engineering contribution to Cornell and/or the greater community.

Bart Conta Prize in Energy and Environment

Awardees: Kaitlyn Dantuono and Emma Renner for their project "Extreme Wind and Waves in the Northeast," & Jilly Cai and Andrew Siler for their project "Quantifying the Energy and Environmental Performances of a Real-World Electric Heat Pump Conversion Project in New York City." 

This award recognizes the best work on research or design projects dealing with energy and the environment.

R.N. Janeway Automotive Engineering Award

Awardee: William Nuñez for his proposal titled "Design and Manufacture of an FSAE Car Pedal Bay.”

This award is meant to recognize the best proposal for improvement in automotive vehicles. The proposal must be described in a single or dual-author technical report of publishable quality.

Block TA Award

Awardee: Aditya Bhaskar

This award is for an outstanding Teaching Assistant who is a PhD candidate in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

The Sibley School Excellence in Graduate Teaching Assistance Prize

Awardee: Sarah Morris & Pushan Sharma

This prize is for outstanding Teaching Assistants who are PhD candidates in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering.

Sibley Prize

Awardee: Colin Hegarty

This award is for the senior with the highest cumulative GPA.

Frank O. Ellenwood Prize

Awardee: Brooke Jin

This award is for the senior who ranked highest in courses in power engineering. 

Outstanding Senior Award

Awardee: Carl DiFranco

This prize is awarded to a senior for distinction in leadership and engagement.

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