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  • Research


Research Projects

Please visit for a more exhaustive and up-to-date list of projects.

Research Interests

  • Systems Engineering and Systems Architecture
  • Global and Interactive Optimization
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Space Systems
  • Small Satellites and Opportunity Payloads for Earth Observation
  • End-to-end Analysis and Design of Earth Observation Satellite Missions

Current Research Projects

We have potential openings in all the projects below. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail indicating the projects about which you would like to know more. 

A2DF: Advanced Architecture Development Facility

We are developing intelligent software to efficiently explore the architecture space of complex systems combining the abilities of humans and computers. This complex software consists of several agents, including:

  • pattern recognition agents
  • architecture enumeration agents
  • heuristic search agents
  • architecture critique agents
  • architecture recommender agents
  • score explanation agents
  • tradespace visualization agents 

EON: An Earth Observation Nanosatellite Constellation for Weather Forecasting

We are studying the architecture space for an Earth Observation Nanosatellite constellation carrying different versions of hyperspectral millimeter-wave sounders. These instruments provide measurements of atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure among others, which can be used for weather forecasting, climate research and monitoring, agriculture, and disaster monitoring.

OBDF: Real-time On-Board Data Fusion in Distributed Earth Observing Systems

The future of space is likely to be based on constellations of small satellites communicating and cooperating in real-time. In Earth observation, satellites will acquire measurements in different spectral bands, process those measurements to create primary data products, make primary data products available to other satellites in the constellation, create secondary data products from synergistic primary data products, and send them to Earth on demand. For all of this to happen autonomously in space, our current capabilities in terms of on-board data processing need to be drastically improved. This project makes a first step in that direction by developing a software simulator of such system.  

Agrasat: A Nanosatellite to Revolutionize Precision Agriculture

Agricultural scientists and farmers agree that a constellation of nanosatellites capable of providing multi-spectral measurements with daily revisit time and 10m spatial resolution would radically improve crop and soil science, water management, crop management, and land monitoring among others. With this goal in mind, we are starting conceptual studies for Agrasat-1, the first satellite of the series. This international project will have collaborators in Spain, Russia, and the US, and will include members from government, academia, and private organizations.

Past Research Projects

  • Architecture Study for the NASA Space Communications and Navigation Program (NASA GSFC, 2012-Present)
  • An Expert System for Architecting Earth Observation Satellite Systems (Draper Lab, 2010-2012)
  • Assessment of the Iridium GEOscan system sensor selection (Draper Lab, JHU APL 2011-2012)
  • System Architecture study of the Earth Science Decadal Survey (NASA GSFC 2008-2010, Draper Lab 2010-2012)
  • Multi-instrument satellites vs dedicated satellites in Earth Observing Missions (ESA ESTEC 2009)
  • Architecture of GN&C systems for the NASA Constellation Program (NASA GSFC 2008-2009)