Volunteer Registration

Students working in labs or on campus as part of an MAE program, but without official Cornell status (that is, not registered for a course or employed by the university), should register as a Cornell University Volunteer. Non-Cornell students working here without official status may have different requirements; contact Colleen McClenahan (mm40) for these situations.

University forms

The following University forms MUST be completed by volunteers. These forms can be found on the Risk Management web site. Individuals volunteering in the MAE department or volunteering on a project team should submit their forms to 125 Upson Hall.

  • Description of Volunteer Services: The person administering or working with the volunteer fills out this form defining the volunteer's role while working on campus. Students (especially project team students) can fill these out themselves and have their advisor sign them. There is no space for the advisor to sign the form, so the advisor should just sign the bottom indicating they have approved the information.
  • Volunteer Profile: provides info on the student.
  • Volunteer Agreement: defines Cornell's and the student's responsibilities regarding such issues as insurance and pay. It is important that the student clearly understand that they will have no workman's compensation or health insurance coverage while a volunteer. 
  • Volunteer Parental Consent: This form is required for any volunteer under the age of 18.

MAE forms - forms currently available in 125 Upson Hall.

  • MAE Volunteer Form: collects information on expected work dates and hours per week. It also asks for health insurance information. Students without valid health insurance will not be allowed to work on campus. In addition, it asks the student to certify that they are in good standing at Cornell and not on any kind of leave from the university. Submit this form to 125 Upson Hall.
  • Emergency Contact Information Form: used for quick reference in case of emergency. These can be filled out electronically and emailed to, or submitted to 125 Upson Hall. 

Please note: All the volunteer forms should be submitted to Emily Tompkins in 125 Upson.