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MAE faculty helpful links

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Cornell Engineering Intranet Finance/FTC

(  FTC services, forms and more.

***Keep copies for your records*** 

  1. Door access -
-  Click on ‘Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering’ button.
-  Fill in form.
-  Click on ‘Submit Door Access Request’ (bottom of form).
  1. Reimbursements (Travel/travel advance/other):  Turn in form and all receipts to the MAE accounts receivable group. 
  1. Ordering (e-shop/PCard receipt processing/I want doc)
- To become an e-shop user, send an e-mail with the following information as well as your supervisor's approval to: NetID, Full name, Home department.
  • PCard receipt Processing (items under $500 and not in e-shop - If you do not have a p-card, then see I want doc to place orders):  Get email from, click on ‘PCard Receipt Submission screen’ link, fill in form, attach invoice, and submit online.
  • I want doc - This form is used to request purchasing that cannot be done with a procurement card (ex. orders over $500, p-card not issued) or through e-shop. 
  1. How to schedule a room (conference / classroom)
- If you have never submitted a room request through our online form or are not signed up as an R25 room requester you will need to do a quick sign-up to be added as an R25 requester in the system. Click on ‘Submit Door Access Request’ (bottom of form).
  1. Computer IT / Facilities / help (IT example: lost network, software install, quote for a computer/laptop; Facilities example: water leak, blown office light bulb, lost building key)