Current Syllabets

All Syllabets Document Rev. 3/7/17


What is a syllabet?
The ABET syllabus, known locally as the syllabet, is a 2 page summary of the course description, course topics, educational outcomes and assessment procedure.  

Why is this important?

  1. Required for the ABET self-study
  2. The topics and outcomes are to be discussed and agreed upon by faculty with a stake in a particular course.  Once this agreement is reached, the syllabet is approved by the Sibley School Faculty and is changed only by vote of the faculty.  Thus the syllabet is an agreement among us as to what a particular course entails.  Instructors teaching a course are expected to adhere to this agreement and to base the course on the topics outlined in the syllabet.  

MAE ABET Procedures
Procedure for assessing non-design courses (pdf)
(Example assessment at end of document)

Procedure for assessing design courses (pdf)
(Example assessment at end of document)

Procedure for surveying graduates (pdf)

Sibley School ABET Procedures Overview Chart (pdf)

Useful Information and Templates
ABET Outcomes (pdf)

Syllabet Template/Example (Word)
**Please follow template formatting, which is required by ABET.