Class Notes: MAE

Degree Year
  • 2009

photo of Michael Psiaki

Michael Psiaki


  • BS

Mike has been working at Lego in Billund Denmark since Aug. 2012 as a designer -- one of 120 or so people who dream up and design the kits that, Lego hopes, millions of kids around the world will want to buy, or want their parents to buy for them.  Or maybe some of the parents will want the kits for themselves?  Designing for Lego is fun, and he hates to have to go home at the end of the work day, but it is not all fun and games.  What if the company should ship millions of kits that are missing a critical piece?  Ouch!  The designer is responsible for ensuring that this not happen.  Or what if millions of perfectly good kits should go unsold because Matel is selling a cooler shark or beach house?

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Degree Year
  • 2007

photo of Owen Shieh

Owen Shieh


  • BS

Cornell University, B.S. Atmospheric Science 2007
University of Oklahoma, M.S. Meteorology 2010
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Ph.D. Meteorology 2014 (expected)
I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I am researching ways to improve hurricane and typhoon intensity forecasts, using analyses of storm structure and large-scale environmental parameters to better understand the phase space between the two sets of conditions. We collaborate with NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, CO and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Pearl Harbor, HI to improve Pacific Command AOR tropical cyclone forecasts for the U.S. Navy and Air Force.
My experience at Cornell, particularly its emphasis on combining academic rigor with extracurricular pursuits, successfully prepared me for graduate school and for leadership in national professional societies.  I had the opportunity to serve as Co-President of the Cornell Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and received the Father James B. Macelwane Award by the AMS.  Outside the classroom I was a Drill Instructor and played trumpet in the Cornell Big Red Marching Band.
Since 2011, I have been the National Co-Chair of the AMS Student Conference, and was recently appointed to the AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists where I will serve in the year 2013.

Degree Year
  • 2010

photo of Thomas Murray

Thomas Murray


  • BS

Thomas Murray ME '10 chosen as 2013 ASME New Faces of Engineering Finalist

In  honor of National Engineers Week (February 17-23, 2013), Thomas Murray ME'10 has been chosen by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as a 2013 ASME New Faces of Engineering Finalist. The New Faces of Engineering program highlights the interesting and unique work of young engineers and the resulting impact on society. Young engineers two to five years out of school are the focus of this recognition program. Engineers Week sponsoring societies nominated young working engineers from among their membership.

Thomas, E.I.T., is a senior consultant with Navigant, where he helps clients solve some of the energy industry’s most pressing challenges by providing rigorous engineering and financial analysis. His work enables clients to deploy renewable energy and energy efficient technology, reduce CO2 emissions and fossil fuel dependence, and establish policy objectives. Several of his projects focus on reducing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel dependence through thermal optimization. For a project with the U.S. Navy, Thomas played a key role in developing and applying complex thermal models and ultimately helped identify $11 million in potential cost savings while reducing CO2 emissions from the district heating system by 11 percent. In addition, he leads the analysis of operational improvement data collected by the Department of Energy’s Smart Grid investment grant program, the results of which will inform U.S. electric utilities about what technologies they should invest in to reduce both costs and pollutants.

Thomas holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.

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For more information about the 2013 New Faces of Engineering, visit:

Degree Year
  • 1950

image of book cover "Characterization of Tribological Materials"

William A. Glaeser


  • MEng

I am part time at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus Ohio as a Senior Reseach Scientist In the field of Tribology. I have been with Battelle since 1951. Have published a text "Materials for Tribology" (ELSEVIER) And am updating my book:

" Characterization of Tribological Materials" (Butterworth-Heinemann).

My first job after studying heat power engineering at Sibley school was with an engine manufacturer who built engines run on natural gas for the gas pipelines. I joined BATTELLE in the mechanical engineering dept. My first assignment was running tests on sliding materials in liquid sodium and 6oo degree f water. Since then I have enjoyed a career involving many interesting projects including the control moment gyro bearings in the space station, bearings for several NASA space vehicles and elasto hydrodynamics theory.

- Bill Glaeser

Degree Year
  • 1951

photo of Eli Reshotko

Eli Reshotko


  • MEng

Eli Reshotko, MME '51,  Kent H. Smith Professor Emeritus of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University has been invited to deliver the 2011 William R. Sears Memorial Lecture at the University of Arizona. The lecture is scheduled for October 27, 2011.

"Bill Sears was the founding director of the Graduate School of Aeronautical Engineering at Cornell, which many years later was incorporated into the Sibley School. When I did my MME at Cornell. I was in the Sibley School in the Sibley building." - Prof. Reshotko