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Student Spotlight

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Alan Argondizza, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '11

I'm working on semi-distributed reduced weight hydraulic systems with Professor Garcia. read more

Anshuman Das, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '18

I decided to join Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering because I wanted to apply my skills in mathematical analysis and very basic knowledge of physics to a broad range of phenomena involved with spacecraft. read more

Armand Awad, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '11

Currently I'm working on autonomous control for a quadrotor helicopter as part of the Automated Systems Laboratory. read more

Bhaskar Garg, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '10

  • Hometown: Salem, N.H.

"Compared to the other places, I felt more at home at Cornell." read more

Cameron Salzberger, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '11; Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 2012

I am integrating the Nao humanoid robot with LTLMoP, a Python-based toolkit for motion planning. read more

David Hartino, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '11

  • Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.

I think that transfer students, even older transfer students, can succeed here. I'm proving that you can. read more

Gangyuan Jing, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '11

I am working to build a Python-based toolbox for controlling a robot using Structured English, logic and symbolic control. read more

Jason Moran, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '11

I am currently working for Professor Campbell in the Autonomous Systems Laboratory. read more

Jason Quint, B.S., Mechanical Engineering '12

I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, specifically in the field of machine design. read more

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