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Instructions for Enrolling in MAE 1900 or 4900

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If you are planning to work with a faculty member on an independent research project or enroll as part of a project team and are not using this course for Senior Design credit, register for MAE 1900, Freshman and Nontechnical Projects in Mechanical Engineering (intended for freshman on project teams and for project team members performing non-technical tasks) or MAE 4900, Individual and Group Projects in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Please note: enrollment in MAE 4250, FSAE Automotive Design Project, is by permission only. First-year and sophomore Engineering students and all non-Engineering students who are accepted to the class should enroll in MAE 1900/4900. Engineering juniors and seniors should enroll in MAE 4250. To fulfill the Senior Design requirement, Mechanical Engineering seniors should enroll in the FSAE section of MAE 4291. Students typically enroll for three credits; team leaders will enroll for four credits.

A completed project approval form is required for each semester, for both team projects and independent research. This form is an agreement between you and your research/project advisor concerning your role in the project and the number of credits for which you will be elligible. Typically, projects are taken for three credits per semester. Project approval forms can be found on our Forms page.

Submit your completed Project Approval Form (with project advisor’s signature) to 108 Upson. Upon submission of the signed form, you will receive MAE approval to add the course on Student Center.