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Research / Team Opportunities

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Whether you choose to participate in undergraduate research, a student project team, or cooperative education assignments or internships in industry, experiencing engineering in a hands-on environment will enhance your undergraduate experience, expand your résumé, and help you identify areas of interest to fine-tune your curriculum.

Research Opportunities

MAE's world-class faculty have on-going research projects focused on today's most exciting and important engineering challenges. Student involvement is an essential part of any research lab. Browse our undergraduate research opportunities to find the professors and projects you most want to be involved with at the start of your career.

Project Teams

If you are considering joining a team, this is a great place to begin exploring projects that may be of interest to you. In addition to hands-on learning, participation in one of Cornell's high-performance student project teams also offers the opportunity to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary environment, to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and in many cases, to meet and compete with teams across the country and around the world. Click here for more information about project teams in the College of Engineering.

Opportunities in Industry

One of the best ways to get experience—and a paycheck!—is the Engineering Cooperative Education program. Co-op students spend about seven months working at a company job site but still graduate in four years. Other opportunities are available through internships and externships. Visit Engineering Career Center to learn more.


Please note: Students working in labs or on campus as part of an MAE program, but without official Cornell status (that is, not registered for a course or employed by the university), should register as a Volunteer.

Enrollment Forms

Enrollment forms for independent research here. Project team enrollment is coordinated by the team lead.