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MATLAB from The MathWorks is an interactive program for numerical computation and data visualization. It is the standard tool for technical computing used in our classes.


  • MATLAB Basics Tutorial
    If you are unfamiliar with MATLAB or have a very foggy memory of it, go through this quick tutorial from the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Making Plots in MATLAB
    A quick introductory tutorial on plotting in MATLAB from the same site.
  • Introduction to M-files
    An "M-file" is a simple text file containing your MATLAB code. Indispensable for writing even simple programs in MATLAB.
  • Dealing with Errors in MATLAB
    The plan of action when MATLAB refuses to do what you want it to and some common mistakes.
  • A More Comprehensive Introduction
    Covers basic concepts such as loops, if statements, subroutines, etc. necessary to become a competent MATLAB programmer. It's well worth your time to go through the material in this introduction as you move beyond simple MATLAB programs. Includes an index.

Further MATLAB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)