Fred Gouldin

Fred Caskey Gouldin

Professor Emeritus
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineerihg
310 Upson Hall


Professor Gouldin's current research interests may be divided into several major areas - the fluid mechanics of combustion, combustor monitoring and control with intelligent sensors and waste combustion. His research includes both physical experiment and combustion modeling. A significant feature of the experimental work is the development and application of new experimental techniques such as new tomographic reconstruction methods, the application of color-center lasers for infrared combustion spectroscopy, laser imaging, and studies of premixed turbulent flames using crossed-plane imaging and stereo-particle image velocimetry. In the past he has also performed substantial work with laser Doppler velocimetry as well as Raman and Rayleigh scattering studies in premixed combustion systems. Currently, absorption and emission spectroscopy coupled with tomographic reconstruction is being developed for application to monitoring and feedback control of combustion systems such as incinerators and gas turbine combustors. Research on the incineration of chemical warfare agents is being pursued in collaboration with Professor Elizabeth Fisher and Professor Joseph Bozzelli of NJIT. Premixed turbulent flames are being studied using combined laser crossed-plane imaging and stereo-particle image velocimetry to quantify the velocity field and the topography of reaction sheets wrinkled and distorted by this flow field.

Research Interests

Combustion, turbulent combustion, premixed turbulent flames, waste incineration and incineration of chemical weapons, fire suppression, scramjet combustion and advanced diagnostics including laser imaging, stereo particle image velocimetry, laser Doppler velocimetry, Raman and Rayleigh scattering and line-of-sight tomography for combustion research and combustion control sensors.

Selected Publications

  • Zheng, Xin, J W. Bozzelli, Elizabeth M. Fisher, Frederick Caskey Gouldin, Li Zhu. 2011. "Experimental and Computational Study of Oxidation of Diethyl Sulfide in a Flow Reactor." Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 33 (1): 467-475.
  • Dattarajan, Srinivasan, Okjoo Park, Elizabeth M. Fisher, Frederick Caskey Gouldin, Joseph W Bozzelli. 2010. "Subatmospheric Extinction of Opposed Jet Diffusion Flames of Jet Fuels and Its Surrogates." AIAA Journal 48 (1): 158-165.
  • Dattarajan, S., O. Park, Elizabeth M. Fisher, Frederick Caskey Gouldin. 2009. "Subatmospheric extinction of counterflow diffusion flames of jet fuel and its surrogates." Paper presented at 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Orlando, Florida, January (1st Quarter/Winter).
  • Dattarajan, S., C J. Montgomery, Frederick Caskey Gouldin, Elizabeth M. Fisher, J W Bozzelli. 2008. "Extinction of Opposed Jet Diffusion Flames of Scramjet Fuel Components at Subatmospheric Pressures." Paper presented at 46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, NV, January (1st Quarter/Winter).

Selected Awards and Honors

  • National Associate of the National Academies 2003
  • Associate Fellow (American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics) 1983
  • Teetor Award (Society of Automotive Engineers) 1971
  • Guggenheim Jet Propulsion Fellowship 1968
  • NASA Traineeship 1965


  • B.S. (Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences), Princeton University, 1965
  • Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences), Princeton University, 1970