Sibley School Seminar Series: Mohamed Ali, Vice President of Engineering at GE Aviation


101 Phillips Hall


Inventing the Future of Flight – GE Aviation’s leading the transformation  

Mohamed Ali, Vice President, Engineering, GE Aviation


The world is facing into the challenge of climate change. Technology is a key way to enable a sustainable planet. This is our noble cause at GE Aviation. Our internal purpose statement is to invent the future of flight, lift people up, and bring them home safely. We are tackling the sustainability challenge head-on with new technology that will re-imagine air travel. We are focused on safety and sustainability to enable billions of people around the world to fly. The aviation industry matters to the world. It connects families, economies and ideas. For the industry to remain relevant, it must evolve. This is probably the best time to be an engineer – the world needs you to solve its greatest challenges. At GE Aviation, we believe in the meritocracy of ideas. We are committed an environment where all voices are heard and respected. Our Culture is transforming and we are investing in our people. The diversity of our workforce enables our success. Come to learn about the exciting new technologies and the future of Aviation and how a diverse workforce is in enabling the future.”


In February 2021, Mohamed was promoted to become Vice President and General Manager, Engineering at GE Aviation. GE Aviation is the market leader of manufacturing and servicing aircraft engines. In this role, Mohamed is responsible for the design, development, certification, and fleet services of GE Aviation’s Commercial engines. Also, Mohamed’s team is responsible for inventing the future of flight focusing on safety and sustainability. Mohamed leads a team of ~5,000 engineers located across the world. Mohamed is a Cornell graduate with a PhD in 1997. He is married with 3 children and lives in Mason, Ohio. He also is a member of the board of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers with a mission to promote diversity and inclusion in engineering and science disciplines.

Open to the Engineering Community