eCornell Keynote Lecture: Opening the Black Box - Online Learning Expands Benefits of Engineering Simulation


Speaker: Rajesh Bhaskaran, Swanson Director of Engineering Simulation

From downhill skis, to cars, to passenger ships, simulation technology is enabling companies to develop better products more quickly and at a lower cost. Yet formally trained experts are typically the gatekeepers of the technology’s actionable insights. Democratization of simulation — i.e., making software more accessible to a wider audience — would empower all types of engineers to use the technology more effectively.

So how will nonexpert users accurately assess the limits of their simulation results and judge whether they make sense? In this webinar, Cornell Engineering faculty Rajesh Bhaskaran — developer of SimCafe, an online portal for teaching simulations used worldwide — will explore how to solve this issue with mass customized learning. Using a just-in-time, problem-based approach to teaching physics along with hands-on simulations, Dr. Bhaskaran will demonstrate how online education enables every engineer to learn the simulation skills most relevant to their role and the specific problems they’re trying to solve.


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