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A variety of exciting course options are available to you—all online.

The General Spacecraft Engineering courses are highly recommended for all students.

General Spacecraft Engineering

MAE 5065

Introduction To Spaceflight Mechanics

MAE 5160

Spacecraft Technology and System Architecture

MAE 6900*

Special Investigations in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Combined, our General Spacecraft Engineering courses will teach you:

  • orbital mechanics, attitude dynamics, and spaceflight maneuvers
  • communications and structure
  • guidance, navigation, and control
  • spacecraft power, space propulsion, and payloads support
  • entry, descent, landing, and surface mobility
  • flight-computer hardware and software

*MAE 6900 is the course listing for our M.Eng Project. This is the only required course in the Master of Engineering program. For distance learning students, this course is completed over the summer through the SmallSat Mission Design Project.

Other courses are grouped by focus area. When taken together, they can help deepen your understanding of a particular subject within spacecraft engineering:

Orbital Mechanics

MAE 6530

Space Exploration Engineering

MAE 6700

Advanced Dynamics

MAE 6720

Celestial Mechanics

Space Robotics

MAE 5280

Adaptive and Learning Systems

MAE 5816

Flexible Space Robotics

MAE 5830

Astronautic Optimization


MAE 5230

Intermediate Fluid Dynamics with CFD

MAE 5430

Combustion Processes

MAE 5510

Aerospace Propulsion

MAE 5540

Propulsion of Spacecraft

MAE 6430

Computational Combustion

MAE 6540

Plasma Physics for Propulsion

Guidance and Navigation

MAE 6060

Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics, Estimation and Control

MAE 6760

Model Based Estimation

MAE 6780

Multivariable Control Theory

The following Advanced Engineering Topics can round out your engineering skill set:

Advanced Engineering Topics

MAE 5135

Mechanics of Composite Structures

MAE 5700

Finite Element Analysis for MAE Design

MAE 5730

Intermediate Dynamics

MAE 5770

Engineering Vibrations

MAE 5780

Feedback Controls

You may also take online courses from within Systems Engineering and Engineering Management to complement your curriculum:


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