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Undergraduate Program

The Sibley School of Mechanical Engineering offers a major program which is designed to provide a broad background in the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering and to offer an introduction to the many professional and technical areas of interest to mechanical engineers. The Sibley undergraduate program also features minors in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mathematics which are open to all Cornell undergrads.

M.Eng. Program

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree program in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, or engineering mechanics is a one-year professional course of study that allows students to develop a high level of competence in engineering science, current technology, and engineering design. It is highly interdisciplinary in nature, and a great deal of flexibility is available in tailoring a program to fit individual needs and interests.

Graduate Program

The Graduate Fields of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics are three of ninety-two major fields of study offered by The Graduate School at Cornell University. Graduate fields cross traditional college and department boundaries and afford a graduate student maximum flexibility in designing a program represented by faculty from virtually any discipline on campus. All three fields offer programs for Ph.D., and M.Eng degrees.