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Design and Manufacturing

The D&M group at Cornell is concerned with directed and evolving designs of mechano-chemical devices and their tooling (e.g., soft-lithography) and free-form (e.g., 3D Printing) based fabrication.

Combined theoretical and empirical approaches are used in our group to frame design concepts that can remain in the digital domain (e.g., for machine intelligence) or manufactured into physical products (e.g., via 3D printing into robotic systems).

Combined material and mechanical designs can be used for a spectrum of applications from creating soft robotic systems to increasing the power density of fuel cells. The design and manufacture of fluidic systems are also being used to selectively capture rare cells from a larger populations.



Organic Robotics Lab - Materials will change the way we interact with our world.  From the GPU Technology Conference 2017.  View video

Research Area Faculty

  Name Department Contact
de54.jpg Erickson, David Carl
Sibley College Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 369 Upson Hall
607 255-4861
gh384.jpg Hoffman, Guy
Assistant Professor, Mills Family Faculty Fellow
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 563 Upson Hall
607 255-1553
bk88.jpg Kirby, Brian J.
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 377 Kimball Hall
ds925.jpg Selva, Daniel
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 449 Upson Hall
607 255-6351
rfs247.jpg Shepherd, Robert
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 553 Upson Hall
607 255-8654