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Applied Mathematics

Here are some examples of research involving applied math by members of the Applied Math Group:

Caughey's work on numerical algorithms for compressible fluid flows has been based on the mathematical properties of systems of hyperbolic PDEs.

Healey has used nonlinear bifurcation analysis to determine post-critical phenomena in models for lipid-bilayer membranes (vesicles).

Hui used asymptotic analysis and nonlinear integral-differential equations in his work on crack tip fields and contact mechanics.

Lipson's work on reverse engineering of dynamical systems from observations is based on applied math techniques such as symbolic regression, being an established method based on evolutionary computation for searching the space of mathematical expressions while minimizing various error metrics.

Mukherjee has applied his work on numerical solutions to integral equations by the boundary element method to the study of micro and nano electromechanical systems.

Rand has used perturbation methods and bifurcation theory in his studies of the nonlinear dynamics of coupled oscillators.

Ruina's work in robotics is based on a knowledge of nonlinear dynamics.

Strogatz has been a major innovator in studies of coupled oscillators,
nonlinear dynamics, and complex networks applied to diverse problems in
physics, biology and social science.

Wang seeks to understand the physics of living organisms through mathematical modeling  and computational analysis.  Her work on insect flight involves development of high-order computational tools for solving Navier-Stokes equation coupled to dynamic boundaries, the reduced order models, and optimization.

Williamson's research with Luzzatto-Fegiz uses bifurcation theory, imperfection theory, and Hamiltonian mechanics to determine the stability of fluid flows.

Research Area Faculty

  Name Department Contact
jab16.jpg Burns, Joseph Arthur
Irving Porter Church Professor of Engineering, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Emeritus, and Professor of Astronomy
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
pjd38.jpg Diamessis, Peter J.
Civil and Environmental Engineering 105 Hollister Hall
607 255-1719
ch45.jpg Hui, Chung-Yuen
Joseph C. Ford Professor of Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 322 Kimball Hall
607 255-3718
jtj2.jpg Jenkins, James Thomas
Walter S. Carpenter Jr. Professor of Engineering Emeritus
Civil and Environmental Engineering 117 Hollister Hall
607 255-7185
sm85.jpg Mukherjee, Subrata
Professor Emeritus
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
mp336.jpg Peck, Mason Alan
Associate Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 455 Upson Hall
607 255-4023
slp6.jpg Phoenix, Stuart Leigh
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 321 Thurston Hall
607 255-8818
rhr2.jpg Rand, Richard Herbert
Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 417 Upson Hall
607 255-7145
alr3.jpg Ruina, Andy
John F. Carr Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 569 Upson Hall
607 327-0013
zw24.jpg Wang, Z. Jane
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 323 Thurston Hall
607 255-5354
cw26.jpg Williamson, Charles H. K.
Willis H. Carrier Professor of Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 321 Upson Hall
607 255-9115
atz2.jpg Zehnder, Alan Taylor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 409 Upson Hall
607 255-9181