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MAE student, Sam Daly flies solar.

Solar Impulse is the first solar airplane that can fly day and night, and in theory fly forever. The idea was the thought of Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard 12 years ago after his around the world journey in a balloon was almost abandoned because of low fuel. Since, sponsors have been arranged, and 40 engineers and a staff of 75 have been assembled in Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland, to accomplish what was initially thought impossible: flying day and night around the world with no fuel.

Sam's involvement started after the Fall 2012 semester when he reached out to Solar Impulse about an opportunity over winter break. The project tied so many of his interests together: mechanical engineering major, pilot in training, family ties to Switzerland, former meteorologist and adventurer. He flew to Switzerland after the holidays and completed an engineering project designing the pilot drinking water system for the around the world aircraft - HB-SIB. This summer, Sam was invited back as a ground crew member, to continue his involvement as the only American engineer on the project, and join the ground crew for this summer's mission to fly across America and inspire a clean generation.

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