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Sibley School Recognizes Cornell Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

ASME Social held May 1, 2013.

ASME Board Members Accomplishments:

  • President: Jeffry Lew '14 - As president, Jeffry worked with his executive board to provide professional, social, and outreach events to all MechEs.  He thanks his board for a year of hard work and service to the community.
  • Vice President: Lauren Min '13 - As vice president, Lauren helped organize the Lunch with ASME, Lockheed Martin BBQ, Women in Mechanical Engineering Dinner, and MechE senior event.  She is representing the Senior Class 2013 by presenting a speech at the MAE graduation ceremony on May 26, 2013 in Bailey Hall.  Lauren has also created a slide show to be shown at Bailey Hall at the graduation ceremony.
  • Corporate Relations: Annas Bin Adil '13 - As corporate relations chair, Annas helped provide information sessions to fellow MechEs.  With his help, Cornell ASME has offered 14 information sessions this year.
  • Newsletter Co-Editors: April Schneider '13, Noah Kantro '14 - As newsletter editors, April and Noah have put out 2 per semester and have improved the Mechanicus considerably.  Thanks to their efforts, the Mechanicus has kept the MecE community informed of relevant news.
  • Treasurer: Koffi Trenou '13 - As a treasurer, Koffi is not only involved in all the events' planning, but also has the final confirmation for every event. The usual question is "Koffi, do we have enough money?"  Without Koffi, Cornell ASME would be bankrupt.
  • Secretary: Henry Ekwaro-Osire '14 - As secretary, Henry played a pivotal role in ASME being selected as this year's College of Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) Student Group Organization Award.  Additionally, he has consistently recorded exemplary meeting minutes throughout the year.
  • Social Chairs: Tim Cook '14 & Owen Dong '13 - As social chairs, Tim and Owen have been responsible for planning ASME's monthly game nights as well as post-prelim cookie events.  Together, they have helped ASME increase the number of opportunities for MechEs to interact and get to know each other.  Owen is the co-creator with Kristen Reynolds ‘13, of the 2013 Senior Class Video to be shown at the MAE Commencement Cermony on May 26, 2013.
  • Outreach Chairs: Stephanie Locks '14 & Rebecca Ventimiglia '13 - As outreach chairs, Stephanie and Rebecca were instrumental in providing the MechE community with volunteering opportunities with the Sciencenter.  Through their efforts, Cornell ASME held two outreach events, up from zero last year.  Rebecca will be awarded the 2013 Outstanding Senior Award for her efforts as an ASME executive board member. 
  • Webmaster: Xiandi (Charles) Zhang '15 - As webmaster, Charles has taken care of ASME's website and has helped inform the MechE community about upcoming events.
  • ASME Social gathering

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