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Lauren Min, Sibley School B.S., M.E.

Lauren Min, Sibley School B.S., M.E. 2013 Senior Class Representative.

A note from Lauren Min:

My time at Cornell these past four years has been exceptional, inspirational, and life-changing. In the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, I was given the opportunity to explore, discover, and create. I became engaged in class discussions, focused on research, excited about teaching, and interacted with a diverse group of students and faculty. The classes, project teams, and research groups available for students were simply exceptional. Through these experiences, I discovered my passion and my lifelong dream. Initially, I came to Cornell wanting to study spacecraft engineering; however, I soon discovered my interest was in aeronautics.

After working as a co-op at General Electric-Aviation, a fascination for jet engines and a curiosity for flight systems arouse in me; and this curiosity lead me to join Professor Garcia’s Laboratory for Intelligent Machine Systems. In his lab, I was given the opportunity to research a particular type of flight system- bird flight. Being a part of the ornithopter group, I researched bird anatomy through digital and analog databases as well as through hands-on experimentation on a Black Backed gull specimen; and from the collected and measured data, we were able to design and fabricate a mechanical bird with a unique seagull airfoil. Being a part of Professor Garcia’s research team was definitely one of the most inspirational experiences I had at Cornell. He not only gave me the opportunity to explore my curiosities in flight systems, but also inspired me to continue in the aviation industry after graduation.

Overall, I describe my Cornell experience as life-changing. Cornell has not only helped me find my passion in life, but also showed me how to be an individual, team player, and a leader. As I enter the real world, working for General Electric- Aviation in the Edison Engineering Development Program, I will forever and always remember these essential fundamentals that I have learned in my four years at Cornell University. Thank you Cornell community for giving me this exceptional, inspirational, and life-changing experience; and special thanks to Nanette Peterson and Professor Ephrahim Garcia. My experience at Cornell would have never been the same without your guidance.

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