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With help from Prof. K. Max Zhang and many others,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The New York City Council just passed legislation that makes new parking charger ready. It will ensure that 20% of new off-street parking in New York City has the electrical capacity to support chargers.

Intro. 1176 is inspired by London, California, and Vancouver¹s efforts and takes advantage of the fact that a surprising amount of off-street parking is being built in New York City. This law will create over 10,000 charger ready parking spots, with an estimated 5,000 in the next seven years alone.

Thanks to collaboration with the construction industry and electrical utilities, Intro. 1176 allows maximum flexibility at minimum cost. Properties can use the capacity to support quick charging, wireless power, or other technology suited to their cars.

This is a major change for New York City, which has slightly less than 200 charging stations now. Since the majority of our garages and lots are more than forty years old, many have enough power for only basic electrical needs like lighting. As electric vehicles grow in number, helping to reduce pollution, New York City will be ready to welcome them by the thousands.

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