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Photo Gallery: Lab and Conferences

Winter 2018
Lab celebrating recent 2018 successes! 
Singh  Lab celebrating 2017 Christmas 
At SFB 2017 in Minneapolis, MN with friends and colleagues
With my peers at the Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting (2017). Ali Khademhossieni (SFB CClemson Award for Contributions to the Literature), Jeffrey Hubbell (SFB Founders Award), Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert (SFB Clemson Award for Basic Research), Samir Mitragotro (SFB Clemson Award for Applied Research), Ankur Singh (SFB Young Investigator Award)
With friends and colleagues in New Hampshire, GRC Biomaterials 2017
Singh presenting immune organoids research at the 2017 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (UC Davis, 2017)
BMES 2016 @ Minneapolis (Left to Right: Alberto Purwada presenting his PhD research; FNU Apoorva presenting his PhD research; Singh with long time mentor Christine Schmidt (Chair, BME, U Florida); Singh with Jordan Green (JHU), Mary Caldorera-Moore (LATech), Krish Roy (Georgia tech), and Janet Zoldan (UTexas);  
Singh Lab 2016 - Fall Dinner and when Cornell mascot 'Touchdown' visited Singh lab!
At Sealy Vaccine Development Center, Galveston, TX (Sep 2015)
BMES-Tampa: With Jeff Capadona (Case Western), Edward Phelps (EPFL), Sarah Stabenfeldt (ASU), and Anjana Jain (WPI) 
Fall 2015
With Ali Khademhosseini (Harvard) and Paul Weiss (UCLA) in Cambridge, MA (Summer, 2015)
With Akhilesh Gaharwar (Texas A&M) and Mary Caldorera-Moore (LaTech) in Charlotte, NC (Spring, 2015)
(With Singh lab, at Aladdin Cafe', near Cornell)
With Akhilesh Gaharwar (Texas A&M), Chicago, IL, 2014
Honored to be among 13 inaugural class of 2014 CMBE Young Innovators recognized at‪ #‎bmes2014‬in San Antonio, TX. Thank you Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering and the Biomedical Engineering Society for the recognition! In picture: Prof. Casim Sarkar of univ of Minnesota (left) and Singh (Right).
Chicago2 Chicago1
An inspirational meeting with biomaterials engineer and pioneer Prof. Kristi Anseth in Chicago, IL (Aug'14) 
Alberto completes his Summer Immersion training at Weill Cornell Medical College working with Dr. Sandip Kapur in transplantation surgery! 
photo 1
April 2014:  At Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. 
With Prof. Steven Little (Chair, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Univ of Pittsburgh
photo 2
April 2014:  At Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. 
With Prof. Kam Leong (Duke University, Member of the National Academy of Engineering), 
Prof. Jordan Green (Johns Hopkins University), and Prof. Hai-Quan Mao (Johns Hopkins University)
photo 4
March 2014: With Prof. Jeff Karp (Harvard Medical School) and Prof. Delphine Gourdon (Cornell University)
photo 3
March 2014: Singh Lab Members (Peter Gu missing)
December 2013: With Dr. Larry Kwak, Chairman Lymphoma and Myeloma at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Larry was recently named to the TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World for his seminal contributions to the cancer vaccines.


photo 2

October 2013: With Prof. Andrés J. García, George W. Woodruff Professorship and Regents' Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech

BMES 2013

Fall 2013: Biomedical Engineering Society, Seattle, WA
Right to Left: Dr. Mehmet Dokmeci, Prof. Nicholas A .Peppas (Chair, BME, UT Austin, NAE/IOM), Prof. Milica Radisic (U of Toronto), Dr. Nasim Annabi. Prof. Shilpa Sant (U of Pittsburgh), Prof. Hossein Tavana (Univ of Akron), Prof. Akhilesh Gaharwar (Texas A&M University), Prof. Ali Khademhosseini (Harvard Medical School), Prof. Singh


Fall 2009: With Prof. Bob Langer (MIT)