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Singh Laboratory @ Cornell University 

Lab 2016  

Principal Investigator0692_13_020

Ankur Singh, PhD.
Assistant Professor
Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Field Faculty: Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Cornell University
389 Kimball Hall,
Cornell University

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-13 
  • Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2006-10   
  • M.Tech. Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, 2004-06   


  • Young Investigator Award - Society for Biomaterials (2017)
  • US Department of Defense PRCRP Career Development Award (2017)
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2016)
  • Highlighted on Discover Magazine - 100 Top Stories of 2015
  • 2015 Biomaterials Outstanding Research Paper Award (Elsevier)
  • Young Innovators Award - Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering (2014)
  • Rising Star Award - Biomedical Engineering Society Cellular and Molecular Engineering (2014)
  • Biomedical Engineering Society Outstanding Graduate Research Award (2009)
  • Professional Development Award by Office of The Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, The University of Texas at Austin (2008 & 2009)
  • STAR Award, Society for Biomaterials (2008)
  • All over India rank 13 in Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (2004)


PhD Students

Alberto Purwada 
4th Yr Biomedical Engineering PhD
HHMI Med-in-Grad Fellow
BS: Biomedical Engineering, Boston University 

Immune Organoids
Regan Stephenson
1st Yr Biomedical Engineering PhD
BS: Biomedical Engineering,  University of Utah
Research: Immune tissue engineering 

Jessica Elmore
2nd yr Veterinary Medicine Ph.D. 
Sloan Fellow
Co-advisor: Prof. Avery August
B.S: Howard University
Research: Hydrogels for inflammtion
FNU Apoorva
4th yr Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. 
MS: Mechanical Engineering, IIISc, Bangalore       
B.Tech: Mechanical Engineering, IIT - Madras
Research: Lymphoma-On-Chip
Tibra Wheeler
1st yr Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. 
Sloan Fellow
Co-advisor: Prof. Marjolein van der Meulen
B.S: University Of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Research: Nanogels for inflammtion
Sungwoong Kim
1st yr Mat. Science and Engineering Ph.D. 
B.S and M.S: Hanyang University
Research: Dynamic Living Hydrogels

Shiv Bharat Shah
2nd year Biomedical Engineering PhD. 
Presidential Life Science Fellow 
GAANN Fellow

BS: Biomedical Engineering, Boston University 
Research: Immune & Lymphoma Organoids         
Kristine Lai
1st Yr Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. 
BS: Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara 
Research: Microfluidics for immune tissues
Matt Mosquerca
2nd Yr Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. 
BS: Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University 
Research: Stem Cell Engineering

Undergraduate Researchers

Katrina Lastra
BS: Mechanical Engineering
Tina Jing
BS: Biomedical Engineering
Elisabeth Abeles
Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar

Lab Alumni:

Dr. Ye F Tian (Research Scientist at Cleveland Clinic)

Rebecca Schneider (Research Scientist/Engineer 1 @Dexcom, Inc)

Akanksha Kapoor (R&D Engineer, Prosidyan, NJ)

Peter Gu (Engineer at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

Evelyn Haynes (Engineer at Cephea valves)

Sanaya Shroff (PhD Student at Boston University)

Daniel Leach (University of Florida College of Medicine Class of 2021; Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award  Fellow @ National Institute of Health (2014-2015) )

Sonja Eagle (Biological Engineering, Doctor in pre-training)