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Research Opportunities

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Most of these projects are open to Master of Engineering students as well as undergraduates. For contact information not provided here, please consult our Faculty Directory.

Professor Avedisian

Professor Bewley

Professor Bouklas

  • Fracture of heterogeneous lattice structures, towards resilient structural design
  • Computational modeling of soft/active materials

Professor Campbell

Professor Erickson

Professor Desjardins

Professor Fisher

Professor George

Professor Hernandez

Professor Kirby

Professor Kress-Gazit

Professor Louge

Professor Peck

  • Professor Peck is not currently offering undergraduate research.

Professor Pepiot

  • Interested in working on the modeling of energy systems? Click here for a non-exhaustive list of projects and openings.
    Contact Prof. Pepiot if you'd like to get involved.

Professor Ruina

Professor Savransky  

Professor Selva 

Professor Shepherd

  • Professor Shepherd is not currently accepting undergraduate researchers.

Professor Singh

Professor Silberstein

Professor Tian

  • ZT Group-  Research areas include (but not limited to): nanoscale energy transport, solar/thermal energy conversion and storage, thermal management of micro/nanoelectronics, thermal insulation, and thermal phenomena for biomedical applications.

Matt Ulinski, Hansen Lab Director, M. Eng. Program Director
          Solar and Renewable Energy Projects:

Experiment Design Projects:

Professor van der Meulen

  • Projects available in orthopaedic biomechanics. Please see web site for list of research areas and contact Professor van der Meulen directly:

Professor Williamson

Professor Zhang