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Graduation Checklist (PDF / Excel)

To graduate with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, this checklist is to be completed. If all requirements are fulfilled, the minimum amount of credits will be satisfied. A senior audit will take place during the first semester of the senior year. Each student will meet individually with the M.E. undergraduate coordinator to confirm the student will be meeting all requirements to satisfy the bachelor's degree. To Be Submitted to 125 Upson Hall

Graduation Checklist Explanation
This explanation sheet refers to the Graduation Checklist requirements. For a detailed description of Mechanical Engineering requirements, consult M.E. Undergrad Academic Program


  • Flowchart - For students who have completed MAE 2120 and MAE 3250.
  • Flowchart - For students who have not completed MAE 2120 +/or MAE 3250.

Pre-Med Flowchart

The flowchart indicates when courses are to be taken and the required prerequisites for Pre-Med Students.

Liberal Studies Petition
If a course you would like to receive liberal studies credit for is not listed on the approved or not approved courses lists, you can submit this petition to have it added. Instructions are on the second page of the petition.

MAE 1900/4900 Project Approval Form for INDEPENDENT RESEARCH
This Project Approval form is required for all students enrolling in MAE 1900 and MAE 4900 for Independent Research. A new form must be completed each semester and requires a signature from the project advisor (not your regular faculty advisor). Submit your form to Kae-Lynn in 125 Upson Hall before the end of the add period, to receive a permission code for online enrollment.

Project Team Enrollment Request Form:

  • MAE 1900: Freshman and Non-Technical Project in M.E.
    All Engineering Freshmen and Engineering students filling non-technical roles (business team, etc.) on project teams should enroll in this course. First-semester Freshmen will be limited to one credit. Second-semester Freshmen will be limited to one credit unless they indicate their requested number of credits on the enrollment request form and are approved to add that number, by the MAE dept.
  • MAE 4250: FSAE Automotive Design Project
    Junior and Senior Engineering students on the FSAE team should enroll in this course.
  • MAE 4900: Individual and Group Projects in M.E.
    Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in technical roles on teams should enroll in this course. 
  • MAE 4291: Supervised Senior Design Experience
    Seniors (Seniors only; no Juniors) using a project team to fulfill their Senior Design requirement should enroll in MAE 4291.
Note: Enrollment request forms only grant permission to add the course. Once you've received permission, you will need to add the course to your schedule using a permission number (during the add period) or a manual add form (after the add period). 

Senior Design Enrollment/Project Approval Form for MAE 4291
The Senior Design Project Approval Form is required for all students using independent research or a project team to complete their Senior Design elective and is required for enrollment in the Senior Design course, MAE 4291. Submit your completed and signed project approval form to Kae-Lynn in 125 Upson Hall before the end of the add period, to receive a permission code for online enrollment. This form is NOT required for students who are enrolling in the Senior Design version of an MAE course (e.g., MAE 4861); those students may enroll directly on Student Center. For a list of senior design courses, see senior design requirement

Senior Design Report Content Summary Form
Every student who is fulfilling their senior design requirement is required to submit a Design Report Content Summary Form at the end of the semester. The Content Summary Form lists 9 questions, which you must answer briefly and attach to the form. Submit this form and your answers, along with your design report, to your faculty project advisor. Your faculty project advisor will review your answers and sign the Content Summary Form with their approval. Submit signed Content Summary form, with answers to the questions attached, to Kae-Lynn in 125 Upson Hall. For further clarification on this process, please consult the Senior Design Report Submission Diagram.

Safety Form for Individual Research/Senior Design and Project Teams MAE 4250, 4291 & 4900 Projects
The Safety Form is required from all students who are participating in research (MAE 4900), project teams (MAE 4900), senior design for research or project teams (MAE 4291). Exceptions are students enrolled in an MAE course that also meets the senior design requirement (e.g., MAE 4861). To Be Submitted to 125 Upson Hall.

MAE Faculty Advisor Approved Elective Form
The Advisor Approved Elective Form is required to be submitted during the final semester by May 1 or December 1, based on the graduation date. To Be Submitted to 125 Upson Hall.

MAE Volunteer Form
Students working in labs or on campus as part of an MAE program, but without official Cornell status (that is, not registered for a course or employed by the university), must complete this form as well as others required by the university. See the Volunteer Registration page for more information. 

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