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The Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Instructional Labs

  • Bellis Lab - 256 Upson Hall
    The Bellis Lab houses several of the labs used in M&AE 4272, Fundamental Laboratory in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. It contains the viscosity lab, the three wind tunnels used in FL3, the Airfoil Stall Experiment and the duct setups used for HT2 the forced convection lab.
  • Experiential Learning Lab
    The Experiential Learning Lab (ELL) is located in the basement of Upson Hall. It is home to many of the College of Engineering design/build student project teams. The space consists of office modules, fabrication areas, composite and assembly equipment and storage.
  • GM Automotive Lab - B74 Upson Hall
    This specially designed facility is for automotive related project work. It is currently home for the Cornell FSAE team, the Baja SAE and 100 MPG team.
  • Emerson Manufacturing Lab - B40 Upson Hall
    The Emerson Lab houses the machining and mechanics of materials labs for M&AE. Encompassing over 4000 square feet, it contains a variety of mills, lathes and CNC equipment for student use.

    Testing equipment includes: an Instron tensile tester, hardness testers, a metrology lab, heat treatment equipment, strain gage application and testing equipment and data acquisition computers.
  • Groos Engineering Materials Lab - 264 Upson Hall
    State of the art lab supports the mechanics curriculum. It contains metal testing and processing equipment. Courses supported in the lab are MAE 3272, Mechanical Property and Performance Laboratory, M&AE 4120 Smash and Crash: Mechanics of Large Deformations and M&AE 6150, Experiments In Materials Processing.
  • Martin Lab - 260 Upson Hall
    The Martin Lab is the home of the wind tunnel used in FL2 of M&AE 4272, Fundamental Laboratory in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer.
  • Ohart Lab - 260 Upson Hall
    The Ohart Lab houses the equipment for M&AE 3260, Systems Dynamics, M&AE 4780, Feedback Control Systems and the Flame Experiment for M&AE 4272, Fundamental Laboratory in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer.
  • Taylor Design Studio - 242 Upson Hall
    Home of M&AE 2250, Mechanical Design and Synthesis, and used by various other courses, this lab has the look and feel of an open lab. It was designed to provide a place where design and innovation could be integrated with physical devices, the design process, electronic productivity, and team-based work environments.